Health anxiety and looking up symptoms

We’ve all done it! You’re sat at home watching the TV and you suddenly feel a slight pain somewhere, so out comes google! One quick search and 10 minutes later, you’ve self diagnosed wild monkey disease and could also possibly be already dead. Then the panic sets in.

The thing with google is that 99% of the time, it brings up the worst possible scenario and then you convince yourself you have it. Your one symptom you were originally looking up has suddenly turned into a list of 10 symptoms that you didn’t have, but come to to think of it, you did once have that pain in your elbow that it mentions, you remember feeling it 3 weeks last Thursday.

This is when you need to rationalise. The pain in your head? It’s probably not a brain tumour, could it be just a headache? Annoying and sometimes painful, but not life threatening.

Don’t do it, just don’t do it. Step away from the internet, save youself the worry. If it gets worse, make a doctors appointment, but whatever you do, don’t google.


Maybe I should take my own advice, still working on that one!


Speak to you soon


(If I recover from my wild monkey disease ;))



A xx




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