Therapy and various other things!

Hey guys! 

So I’ve finally started my CBT therapy (for the millionth time, lets pray it works this time!) and to be honest, it wasn’t that bad! No end of the world, nothing disastrous happened, so I’d say that’s a good result. The therapist seems a little crazy but I guess that means we will get along swimmingly. We went through all my worries and fears ect (and she didn’t run away in shock of the crazy lady sitting in front of her) and then we talked about what I’d like to ‘get out’ of the sessions. I basically told her that I’d like to stop worrying, seeing as though that’s what I’m there for, right? if we could achieve that, I’d be veryy pleased. So I’ll be attending the sessions every week for 17 weeks, and then I’ll see where I’m upto then. Hopefully in a better place. Are any of you guys doing therapy at the moment? If so, how’s it going?

So for these past 2 weeks I have been worrying constantly, about crap basically (as usual) The thing that gets me is, I know what I’m worrying about is ridiculous, but I can’t stop my brain from doing it, I don’t need people telling me I’m being ridiculous, I already know! I’m also sick of people telling me to ‘just stop worrying’ If only it was that simple! Anywayy.. I’m still alive and rambling so obviously the mutant organ disease I was worrying about has gone 😉 


In other news, I’m starting driving lessons! God help me and other road users. Obviously there’s a whole new set of worries that comes with this, but I’ll save that for next time (you lucky people!) 

Speak soon and remember to always laugh, it makes life easier!

Aly xx


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