Anxious Alys potential driving dangers!

Last week I mentioned my upcoming driving lessons, I’ve been so nervous about it so I’ve decided to construct a list of the potential dangers my brain has conjured up! 

Some of these may be extremely far fetched, I am aware but heyho, my anxiety isn’t! 

1) What if I get my foot caught getting in and smash my face on the steering wheel?

2) What if the seatbelt malfunctions and I strangle myself?

3) What if my foot gets stuck on the accelerator?

4) What if I confuse the break with the accelerator?

5) What if the car lock jams and I get trapped in the car?

6) What if I’m expected to drive for miles on my first lesson?

7) What if I’m asked questions that I can’t answer? What will I say? Will I look stupid?

8) What if its a complete and utter disaster?

9) What if I can’t even start the car?

10) What if I get so anxious that I spontaneously combust? 


What if, what if, what if? I think most anxiety is fueled by the ‘what ifs?’ The answer you need to give yourself to the ‘what ifs’ is ‘so what?’, deep down you know that it will never happen but still, your brain takes over and it’s very hard to stop it. Will I spontaneously combust? I doubt it. Is this even possible? So why on earth am I thinking it?! Once the anxiety kicks in, rationalisation goes out of the window.

After a week of worrying I have come to the conclusion that I am an idiot, to put it bluntly. It is highly unlikely that any of these situations will happen, so I have spent my week worrying about absolutely nothing. 

Next time you ask yourself ‘what if?’ answer yourself with ‘so what?’ and move on. 



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