I googled!

Well, I’m not proud of it but… I googled! After 4 weeks of not looking up my symptoms, I had a pain in my chest tonight and I decided to look it up on the internet. Almost instantly I had self-diagnosed a heart attack or maybe a blood clot in my heart. Infact, the amount of medical information I absorb off the internet, I may aswell become a doctor, I have a feeling I wouldn’t be a very reassuring one though. Maybe that won’t be my career of choice! What is it about search engines that make them bring up the worst possible scenario? I could enter the symptoms of a slight cold and come away 100% sure I had pneumonia, it’s all very convincing! WebMD is the absolute worst, there’s no chance you’re coming out alive after entering symptoms on that website.


Non-suprisingly my chest pain has now worn off, it still hurts when I stretch but I can just about talk myself into believing that it could be a muscle pain, not a life threatening condition. Damn you anxiety for making me insane!


Slightly better news – It’s my 20th birthday tomorrow! I’m quite sad to be leaving my teenage years, I officially have to grow up and be an adult! Maybe I could move to never never land and live with Peter Pan? I could take the place of tinkerbell, though I never did look good in a tutu. Though in all seriousness,  I’d love to make this the beginning of a new chapter for me!


Goals for my 20’s


– Get better. (Byebye anxiety)


– Get a job (and keep it)


– Move house (and decorate it how I would like it!)


– Get married (a bit further into my 20s)


– Have kids! (Yes I would willingly do that!)


– Start enjoying life!


I hope to take you guys along with me whilst I complete my goals! Have you got any goals for the next 10 years of your life?


Speak to you soon,


A xx




2 thoughts on “I googled!

  1. Awesome to do your goals for your 20s. I did the same. I’m 30 in a few months and going to do my goals. They will def b different this time around 🙂 happy birthday for tomorrow. Ps I decided I wasn’t officially grown up until I turn 30 lol

  2. Why I have only just seen your comment, I don’t know! Thank you for the Birthday wishes! Did you manage to complete your goals for your 20’s? Yes, 30 seems a good age to grow up, I have a feeling I’ll change that to 40 though when I do turn 30, haha 🙂

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