Rainbow loom has taken over my life!

So, if you haven’t heard about the recent Rainbow Loom craze, where have you been hiding?!

Yes I, at the age of 20, have been addicted to a toy for 8 year olds, for the past 2 weeks. If you aren’t lucky enough to know what the Rainbow Loom is, I will enlighten you, it is a plastic loom with 3 rows of pegs, 15 pegs on each row. You then wind elastic bands onto the pegs, and then loop them together with a plastic hook to create some form of pattern, it’s all very exciting.

I’ve created various goodies with this fabulous object, bracelets, animals, even a phone case. Heck, I could create an elastic band world! After hours of serious looping and hooking, there’s the intense moment of peeling your creation off of the loom, and once you see the finished project for the first time, the world suddenly makes sense. I’ve now been finding these little elastic bands of joy, scattered in every corner of my house. It’s safe to say, the Rainbow Loom has taken over.

I think I may actually be addicted, do you think there’s a therapy available for this? Possibly rehab?

Maybe I need a life?

Thankyou for humouring me,

A x

IMG_20140602_231524 IMG_20140603_131024


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