I joined slimming world!

Yes you read that right, I joined slimming world! After the gym fiasco, I decided that maybe it just wasn’t for me, sweating in lycra just isn’t what I want in life. I still need to lose weight though, so I searched high and low in the depths of the internet and discovered the perfect solution! A diet (sorry, a lifestyle choice) where you can eat practically anything you want. Yep, definitely my sort of diet! What is this magic? So, I looked it up and found a group near me! And I actually went, I walked right in through the doors and into the world of slimmers alike. You can eat carbs, actual carbs, and still lose weight! I was a bit worried it would be like alcoholics anonymous, where we all sit in a circle and admit our addiction to food. Hi, I’m Aly and I hide chocolate wrappers from, well from myself really, *shrug*. But it wasn’t at all like that, much to my suprise. It was full of actual normal people, much like myself (well maybe not the normal part, but we can’t all be perfect). All it really consists of is going in, getting weighed (not my favourite part), then you listen to the consultant talk about free food (I love free food, free is always fab), then you go home. Perfect, not the evil I was expecting at all.
My first weigh in wasn’t all that fun, I stood in the que to the scales and listened to everyone complain about being 10 stone, and there’s me at the back thinking “10 stone?! I’m pretty sure my right thigh weighs that alone! Great, all hell will break loose when I get on these scales”. Well, it didn’t go like that at all, it was pretty discreet, nobody shouted “hey you lot, come and have a laugh at this whales weight!”. I just got on, they wrote down my weight, and then I got off, and I wasn’t the whale weight I was expecting, my mirror has clearly been lying to me.
Other than the weigh ins, it’s been going pretty well. I’ve managed to stop myself from devouring whole chocolate cakes, so that’s a plus, and there’s no lycra gym clothes in sight. Although I do still need to do some exercise sadly, but you know what they say, you cant have your cake and eat it! (This person obviously never went to slimming world and discovered syn free cake!)



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