Why do these things always happen to me?

Hello lovelies, I am back! Did you miss me? There’s a few things that I want to share but I’ll start with this!

Why do I get myself into these situations?!

So, I’ll set the scene. Me and my boyfriend (Tye) are walking through town, just having a nice casual shopping day, when we decide to stop for a drink. The steet we are on is quite busy, and we are stood outside a card factory shop when we are approached by a woman. The woman introduced herself as from some sort of quit smoking cessation place, and asked us if we would like to answer a survey of what we thought about the recent ban of smoking in cars with children. Well, me being the good citizen I am, agreed to the survey. We went through the questions etc, and my boyfriend did the same. She then asked if we would have our photos taken, my boyfriend said no, as hes clearly not an idiot like me. I agreed thinking it was for their files or something. So then I find myself in some sort of photo shoot in the middle of the town center, being asked to pose in various ways, at this point we were attracting quite the crowd, with people sniggering at me wondering what the hell is going on. They were obviously confused as I’m not quite Naomi Campbell. To top it off, I was handed giant posters to hold, informing everyone what I thought of the smoking ban (which I completely agree with, just to add).
So there I am, in the middle of town. In my primark leggings and my hair looking like a bush, and I wasn’t exactly having a good make up day. Meanwhile Tye is finding this highly amusing.
After the photo shoot had sadly come to an end, I was then informed that my face would ‘just’ be used on some flyers, maybe an advert in the paper and various other advertising materials. Flyers?! My face on FLYERS?! What? Oh excellent, just what I need. My anxiety loves this!
So, that was the day that I went for a nice leisurely shopping trip and came back the face of the new smoking ban campaign.
Fabulous 🙂



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