Dear 14 year old girl.


In celebration of me turning 21 (I know, what?!?) I decided to do a post of the things I wish that I’d realised when I was 14. I was around 14 when my anxiety started getting bad and I think that if I’d have realised these things, it wouldn’t have gotten so out of hand. So here we go..

1. Do not care what other people think.
This is a big one. When you’re in your early teens, you want everyone to like you. Let’s be honest though, will it really ruin the rest of your life because Chloe from English didn’t like your hair? Highly unlikely. Who cares what Chloe thinks? Since when was she the editor of Vogue? In a few years time, you won’t even remember her and chances are, her hair looks shit and everyone is too scared to say anything.

2. Do what you want to do, not what everyone else is doing.
Be your own person, you will thank yourself later. Just because other people are doing xyz doesn’t mean that you have to. Stick to what YOU like, don’t be a sheep.

3. Friends.
You will more than likely run into people that you think will be friends for life, but they won’t. If your friends ditch you for a better deal, they aren’t your friends, find new ones. You need friends that you like and have things in common with. Don’t just be friends with Sarah because she hangs around with the cool crowd at the park on a Friday night and can get served for cider and fags. When you grow up, your friends are everything and it’s important that you have ones that will stick by you. Without them, shit will be hard! Sorry Sarahs, nothing personal.

4. Your mum is right.
Or parents, whoever. They’re right. I never thought I’d be saying this but whatever she’s telling you right now and you think she’s being ridiculous, she’s not, listen to her. She’s not trying to ruin your life, believe it or not. Let’s be honest, if you can see your knickers, she’s right and your school skirt is probably a bit too short and the orange foundation probably needs toning down a bit too.

A x


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