The return.

I’m back, because it’s back. It’s been threatening to break through my iron gates for a while and this month is succeeded. Anxiety broke it’s way back into my life after years of me being well.

And you know what?

I’m dealing with it, it’s okay. I’ve spent a few weeks crying about it, feeling sick, not eating and lying in bed, but where will that get me? We all know the only way to get rid of anxiety is to get up and do something about it! I’ve had my moment of sadness and now it’s time to get my arse back into gear and fight. I fought it last time and I’ll do it again, this time I’m older and wiser and I have zero time for it. (wine helps too, but we will talk about that another time 😉 )

If this is your first time dealing with anxiety, it’s a pain in the arse, I know. The way to get rid of it though is to run right into the middle of it. You need to feel the worst of it, let it take your heart rate higher than it’s ever been before, but don’t panic, you’re in control of this, this is your plan! It can’t kill you, but it can make you stronger.

We got this!








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