Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Hi guys!

So this isn’t an anxiety post, but I thought I’d start to include more posts like this because it was such a fun day! A few weeks ago we visited Blackpool Pleasure Beach and had one of the best days out ever. Me and mum stuck to the more gentle rides but the boys went all out on the thrill rides (Avalanche, Infusion, Ice blast etc!), although I did brave the steeplechase and I survived. The Alice in Wonderland ride is still a firm favourite (even at 22 years old), the lights and special effects really make you feel as if you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole. Although, I did feel a little silly climbing into a Cheshire cat surrounded by 6 year olds.

There’s so much to do there, Nickelodeon land is amazing for the kids and there’s plenty of thrill rides to keep the big ones entertained. The park was clean and tidy and there wasn’t a lot of crowds considering it was a weekend!

After the rides we visited a lovely little Fish and Chip shop a few streets behind the pleasure beach, we were going to eat it on the sea front but it was a little too chilly on the day.

If you’re looking for a fun day out I’d definitely recommend Blackpool Pleasure Beach.




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