Not an excuse.

I just wanted to write this because I know that there’s other people in the same situation and I want to speak up for everyone. Mental illness is not an excuse, it is an explanation.

There’s a lot of stigma surrounding mental illness, and it’s usually by people who just don’t understand it, or the ignorant people that refuse to try and understand it. Until you’re living it, you can’t imagine it.

Sometimes we have good days, we can do more things than we would on our bad days but that doesn’t mean that this hell is fake, it doesn’t mean that our bad days are exaggerated, it’s simply the fact that today we don’t feel as bad.

Unfortunately we can’t just “think positive”. You cannot think your way out of an illness. It would be amazing if it worked like this, but thinking positive will not cure us.

There’s no reason for it, if our situation changed we would still feel the same, it’s our mind that is ill, not the situation we are in.

Some of us can’t work, we’re not lazy and it’s not that we don’t want to, we can’t. Sometimes simply getting through the day is a job in it’s self.

If a few times in your life you were in a bad situation and you felt a bit “depressed” PLEASE do not compare this to someone who is actually battling depression, it is NOT the same.

It’s tiring, both mentally and physically, and very lonely at times and people that surround you having a bad view on mental health does not help. Don’t tell us we need something to look forward to, we don’t need a holiday and we certainly don’t need to “try and not think about it”. Just pushing ourselves won’t help and calling us lazy will just make us worse.

We’re not weak. We’re most likely stronger than you. If you struggled daily just to get through the simplest of things, can you honestly say you’d still be battling now?

Next time someone you know is struggling with mental illness, THINK before you act. Just because this isn’t your reality, it’s very real to them.



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